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    Have you at any time puzzled exactly where to find tunes for your site, your advertising online video, your film, your power-point presentation, your art exhibition, your yoga course, your spa or every other undertaking of yours that could be tremendously enhanced by the correct type of music?

    Easy as pie. Would you think that licensing music lawfully constantly requires likely by means of lengthy complex procedures which the price of tunes for the venture might be too high for the spending budget?

    Properly, that is not necessarily the situation.

    "YOU Possess the Project...I Offer you THE Sound..."

    If you're in the film, broadcast, new media enterprise or operate within the holistic world and ought to license classical-new age music for your undertaking, I will help you. You could possibly get in touch with me by way of my website's easy speak to type.

    I focus in classical-new age, ambient, instrumental, celestial songs, healing audio, jazzy songs and motivational audio.

    "WELLNESS Through YOUR EARS..."

    You could also license my music for any holistic project like Spas, Healing Centers and websites having a concentrate on self-help, private growth and non secular healing. My audio therapeutic tracks are licensed as inspiring background audio for many holistic healing techniques, like rest methods, meditations, metaphysical therapeutic, chakra meditations, psychic meditations, soul meditations, acoustic meditations, reiki therapeutic, yoga, energy medicine methods, qigong therapeutic, aiki therapeutic, psychological freedom technique (EFT) and inventive visualizations. You might license it also as qualifications music for visualization boards created to apply the regulation of attraction.

    "GET Straightforward, Quick Quotes On-line..."

    Do you need to know upfront how much you would spend for the tunes for the certain kind of project without having filling out countless types, sending faxes or emails, having many phone phone calls, or scheduling preliminary conferences that may expense you time and fuel?

    No issue.

    "CHOOSE The right Songs Quickly AND Simply..."

    I realize you might be occupied, so I allow it to be straightforward for you to pay attention to my tunes on-line to pick the best music for the undertaking. On my soundcloud page you could possibly use my on the web radio (so you'll be able to listen to many tracks uninterruptedly although you are doing other duties on the internet). Additionally you download the songs on the website. And obviously, I also can choose the right track for your venture in the event you let me know by e-mail the character, the goal, the sensation or the information of your task.

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